Septier Lawful Interception (LI) Mediation

Septier redefines lawful interception in the 5G era, combining advanced technology with adherence to global standards like ETSI and CALEA. Its ability to integrate smoothly with various network types and manage a range of communication services from voice to data sets it apart. The addition of passive interception techniques enhances its surveillance capabilities, maintaining a balance between effective monitoring and privacy protection. This versatility and commitment to security make Septier an essential tool for law enforcement and intelligence agencies navigating the complexities of modern telecommunications.

Embrace the future of surveillance with Septier – contact us to explore how our solutions can empower your operations in the 5G landscape.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Interception Approaches
  • Unified Interception of Various Sources and Session Types.
  • Support for Multiple Agencies in Parallel.
  • Compliant with International and National LI Standards.
  • Extensive Analytical Options. Robust, Scalable, Carrier Grade System.
  • Technological integration with the 5G network.

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