Septier Where – Strategic Cellular Location

Septier Where™ is a robust and flexible cellular positioning infrastructure that enables the deployment of location services by mobile operators. Whether required for compliance with law enforcement requirements, for commercial location-based applications, or for meeting the need to accurately pinpoint the location from which an emergency call has been made, Septier Where™ is the solution.

The system supports many network technologies and positioning approaches and can also be deployed as a hybrid system that enables the use of all technologies and approaches simultaneously.

Featuring Strength Point – Support for all cellular positioning needs

Septier Where™ is an ideal cellular positioning solution thanks to its superior technology and flexibility that meets all operator specifications. Requirements presented by law enforcement agencies to track target subscribers are completed using the active network-based module and the GNSS subsystem. More comprehensive needs presented by such agencies for a massive collection of location information regarding all subscribers (to support investigative capabilities) are catered for by the passive network-based array, which at the same time can provide information to the operator’s
network optimization systems.

The system supports active and passive approaches, network-based and device-based positioning, and many location calculation methods.

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