The Septier Mobile Guard Tower provides several benefits over traditional fixed installations regarding monitoring and stopping the usage of illegal devices in correctional facilities. 

The system, which is highly versatile and decentralized, provides tactical acquisition and protocol-based positioning of cellular devices in its area of coverage. While also enabling last-mile positioning for operational activity, IMSI catching activities, and blocking Wi-Fi connections and hotspots. Based on the Septier GUARDIAN™ technological infrastructure and the fixed solution Septier Guard Tower, Mobile Guard Tower represents a versatile and decentralized way to manage cellular devices in correctional facilities within the prison compound. 

Septier Mobile Guard Tower can provide critical information for tactical teams to perform last-mile operations and interrupt the smuggling of illegal devices, trafficking other illicit products, and the prison flexibly. 

Thanks to the employment of the Hunter™, an extra sensible directional finder, it is possible to pinpoint the location of potential targets.  

Featuring Strength Point – Mobile Solution

The latest evolution of Septier’s Guard Tower, the Mobile Guard Tower, overcomes all the challenges related to fixed installations and boosts its performance in maintaining the correctional facility secured. 

In addition, it is available in various form factors to serve different types of operational scenarios: from rigid suitcases to vehicle-mounted installations to portable backpacks, with a transmission power of 10mW to 600W total, depending on the configuration. 

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