The Septier Cellular Firewall is a portable, tactical solution designed to selectively block the service of mobile devices in its operational zone. Part of the Septier GUARDIAN™
a suite of products, the Septier Cellular Firewall can be programmed with information about which devices should be denied access to the cellular network while others are granted access.

The Septier Cellular Firewall can deny any unauthorized mobile device access to the cellular network. It also allows for uninterrupted cellular service to authorized devices based on their cellular identities. This makes the system ideal for any scenario where cellular communication needs to be controlled or supervised, such as in secured facilities and prisons.

Featuring Strength Point – Target information’s import and Export

Septier’s Cellular Firewall can send and receive target information to and from external sources to inform command and control centers of the ongoing operation. It uses its advanced analysis module to cross-reference data to provide high-level intelligence to operators and security agencies.

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