Septier Guard Tower

Septier Guard Tower is a cutting-edge solution for handling the challenges posed by contraband cell phones in correctional facilities. Septier Guard Tower provides monitoring, selective blocking and tracking of cellular devices in prison environments. Based on the Septier GUARDIAN™ technological infrastructure, the Septier Guard Tower also allows access management of cellular devices within the prison compound, tracking their location with extreme accuracy and monitoring their traffic for intelligence collection.

Septier GuardTower™ provides highly advanced capabilities in the realm of jamming communications of cellular and other personal communications devices. This includes selective blocking and access management of cellular communications; sophisticated and highly efficient algorithms for disabling all cellular services; reactive jamming of VHF and UHF transceivers; and other forms of communications blocking for disabling Sat-Phone services or Wi-Fi communications.

Featuring Strength Point – Ultra Accurate Positioning Capabilities

The Septier Guard Tower possesses ultra-accurate cellular positioning capabilities, which provide high-resolution location information regarding acquired cell phones. This includes sophisticated algorithms used to compute the location of acquired cell phones that provide high-resolution locations down to the prison cell level.

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