The Septier Guardian VIP Protection System, is a unified, cutting-edge solution that assists police and security forces in protecting VIP houses from outside threats. This powerful system employs an
evolved type of IMSI Catcher, also known as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Catcher.

Septier’s OSINT-IMSI Catcher is installed at the VIP premises while connected to a central server that runs AI-based analyses on the detected phones within the designated area.

This solution also has an alert system for suspicious devices and threat detection, allowing operators to take appropriate action if required.

Featuring Strength Point –Open Source Intelligence Analysis & Reporting

The Septier Guardian VIP Protection System offers real-time monitoring of all mobile phones near the home, allowing potential threats to be promptly identified and addressed. Additionally, the system provides a comprehensive reporting system that offers a macro-perspective of all cellular phone movement around the house when combined with real-time monitoring.
Moreover, the solution also collects the identities of detected devices and it automatically creates a profile for each one (targeted lists or specific suspected subscribers in the vicinity) that can be enriched thanks to Open-Source Intelligence. This includes pictures, full names, emails, addresses, and social media profiles.
These profiles can be created both automatically or manually, with a consequent increase in credibility thanks to the reliance on cellular and OSINT data used by the system’s advanced analysis module to deliver crucial intelligence.

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