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Listening and understanding inmate communications has profound implications for the security and operational dynamics of correctional facilities. Effective communication management allows for the preemptive identification and mitigation of potential criminal activities – addressing them before they escalate into more significant threats.

At its essence, Guard Talk™ reimagines inmate communication within correctional facilities, moving beyond the constraints of old landline systems. This platform isn’t just an upgrade – it’s a complete overhaul, introducing a blend of IP protocols and advanced AI features to streamline correctional operations and elevate security measures to new heights.

The introduction of Guard Talk™ offers speeds and reliability that transform how data is extracted, transmitted and analyzed. This technology enables real-time insights and a depth of analysis previously unattainable.

Guard Talk™ harnesses the strength points of SIP Phones, which turn into powerful intelligence-gathering assets for prison staff. They now have at their fingertips the ability to identify potential targets in prisons, by performing integral profiling activities.

Guard Talk™ Capabilities

  • Customizable Call Recording – Offers the flexibility to record calls in compliance with local laws, with options for both audio and video formats that can be tailored to the specific needs of each correctional facility.
  • AI-based Features – Advanced AI algorithms offer a suite of functionalities that enable prison personnel to collect actionable data for follow-up investigations in the correctional facility. These capabilities include language recognition, transcription and translation of conversations, smart search, and speaker identification.
  • Detailed Call Logs – Call log reports provided by Guard Talk™ offer a wealth of information that, when combined with the AI features, can support prison personnel in detecting various threats. Log data includes call type, inmate details, dialed numbers, call duration, calls performed, and more.
  • Intuitive Interface – Guard Talk™’s phones, whether video or audio, are easy to use and efficient in providing inmates with a secure line of communication with people outside of the facility. In addition, prison personnel have a straightforward interface designed for ease of use, enabling staff to manage legal communications effectively without requiring extensive training.
  • Inmate Management Portal – Simplifies the process for inmate families to request communication with an easy-to-navigate website that streamlines the approval process, reducing administrative workload and facilitating better communication channels.

The Vision for a Safer, More Efficient Correctional System

Guard Talk™ is poised to redefine the standards of inmate communication management, placing a premium on security, efficiency, and the proactive handling of challenges within correctional facilities. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate security concerns but also supports the broader goals of identifying strategic threats and effective facility management, laying the groundwork for a more secure, efficient, and humane correctional system.

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