The Septier SMS Blaster is a mobile system designed to send messages to all mobile devices in its coverage range. The ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with the general population is of great significance, especially when dealing with emergencies or crises.

The unit can provide crucial information to thousands of subscribers simultaneously, no matter which network they are connected to at any given time. It can also be integrated with other security systems to provide a targeted solution for specific situations, such as informing subscribers of directives or warnings to individuals in some instances. The SMS Blaster is part of a long line of tactical systems developed by Septier Communications which tap cellular networks to provide valuable intelligence information.

Once deployed, the Septier SMS Blaster scans its operational zone for mobile devices. The system detects all functioning devices regardless of which network it is connected to at any given time. At this point, the operator can decide which of them will receive a pre-programmable message from the relevant authorities. The unit can also be programmed to send out different messages at regular intervals.

Featuring Strength Point – Great Portability Option

The Septier SMS Blaster comes in various configurations to meet the client’s operational needs. The unit can be placed in a lightweight backpack that can easily carried into hard-to-access areas or set up in a vehicle that would both provide more robust transmission capabilities and maximum portability.

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