• Septier Emergency

    Leading Public Health Security

Septier Emergency, a new unit of Septier Communication, was formed to help authorities fight the COVID 19 epidemic. The division is leveraging Septier’s 20 years of experience in cellular based intelligence systems, to create the solutions described here, which can help stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

Quarantine Location Tracker

Pinpointing Quarantined Individuals

Keeping track of people under Corona Virus restrictions is a primary concern for health care authorities. This Septier solution can help.

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Mobile Application for Healthcare Security Management

Septier’s smartphone app is designed both to help agencies working to control the spread of COVID 19 as well as the public living in a new reality of social distancing.

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Septier Investigator

Tracks Past Movements of Virus Carriers and Prevents Further Contamination

Once someone becomes infected with COVID 19, they can spread it to dozens of others. The Investigator can help limit the damage.

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Crowd Controller

Tracks Gatherings in the Public Sphere

In the COVID 19 world, large gatherings are dangerous as they can transmit the disease even further. This system can prevent them from happening.
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Septier Early Alert

Predicts Epicenter of Future Outbreaks

Where and when will the next epidemic start? This unique solution uses cellular data to give authorities unique insights allowing them to act before it’s too late.

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Septier SMS Blaster

Enables Remote Mass Cellular Communication

Health care authorities need to get messages out to the public at any given time. This system uses cellular technology to make that happen.

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Septier Immediate Alert

Maintains Virus Free Zones in the Public Sphere

Health security in specific places can be crucial yet hard to maintain. The Immediate Alert will track known COVID 19 carriers and help keep them away from sensitive areas.

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